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The Origin of Surviballoon
The function of diver's flag is well known since diving has prevailed fifty years ago. Diver signals his or her underwater activity with flag to warn drive-by vessels be cautious. I would like to recommend the "Surviballoon" to you for a better diving signal. Please notify rescue team immediately when you have seen an orange tubing flowing on water because it means someone is in trouble underwater. What you have done will be appreciated. I would like to urge all divers to have this "Surviballoon" along side because it might save your life.

I was in Pongfu in the summer of 1969. At that time, Mr. Woo, a lobster fisherman, was introduced to us by Mr. Chun-Tong Wu. Mr. Woo share the story of their lobster fishing with us. Eight members on his boat were divided into four groups. They drifted apart and scattered around the water while working. It takes quite a skill to get them all back on the boat. Especially, when the tide is high, they are difficult to be found, therefore, accidents do happen. Sometimes, they will have to give up the fished lobsters for own safety. Some of them may risk their safety for the lobsters on hands, therefore, safety is undermined. I would like to suggest everyone to carry a "carrying bag" with them, however, it could not be bought at that time. I did suggest everyone to carry a substitution of "carrying bag" in order to make themselves an easy target for their captain and they won't have to carry the over-weighted lobsters either. All fishermen should have a folded plastic bag inside their cold resistant suit. Few months later, Mr. Woo told me when I was in Pongfu again that their fishing life had gotten easier with my suggestion. However, there remain few problems to be improved. Light reflection causes them with some difficulties in finding victims during a high tide. Then, a great idea hit me. I ordered a 2-meter long orange tubing bag. It is quite an eye-catching design. The orange bag is designed for the benefit of divers and it is called "Surviballoon.

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